Trying to import an svg from Inkscape, no luck!

I have a file I would like to inlay into a cutting board. It is a vector of Deadpool. I take it into Inkscape and trace it as a bmp and then save it as an svg. when I try to import it into Easel inlay tool I either get a weird amount of random lines, a bunch of circles or the error message telling me I have an embedded image. I have tried a dozen techniques with no success. The image is a vector and will import into Easel for general cutting but will not work when using the inlay tool.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks all!

You need to remove the embedded image before importing to Easel. A quick search of this forum gives a number of solutions.

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Phil has some good tips on Inkscape that he links here:


Thanks Anton, I also think the inlay I want to do is confusing Easel. I got it to work but I had to strip the vector. Even though it was a vector it seemed to have many color layers that had to be removed.

This what I want to cut out. I am realatively new at cnc but I have been cutting some nice stuff! Thisone had me stumped!

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. I’m still an Inkscape newbie, so I reference Phil’s documents frequently. They’ve helped me a lot.

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I have a LOT of problems with Inkscape saving over itself too. Save, import into Easel, and half way through the carve I realize it didn’t bother updating the file.

I’ve also had Inkscape fail to see updated files when importing PNG. I export an update to PNG in Gimp and see the date change in the file explorer, but it doesn’t show in the Inkscape open dialog. Save as a different name and it shows that, but still has the old date on the original file name.

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I should probably find a better work flow, but I mostly engrave band logos and they often provide crappy jpg images.

Currently the workflow is: Band Supplied Image -> Gimp -> PNG -> Inkscape -> SVG -> Easel.

Any editing or cleanup of the image happens in Gimp, the only thing I’m using Inkscape for is is tracing the bitmap.

It works, but is time consuming.

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I’ll take a look, it might work. I’ll have to see how well it is at very small designs.

My canvas is usually oak and I have about 44mm x 60mm to work with. Even if I’m just outlining the logo I’ll do all of that in Gimp and then use Easel to fill the imported SVG. For engraving I use a .5mm or .25mm taper, depending on the level of detail. My latest logo is for the band Mothership who’s opening for Blue Oyster Cult this Saturday. Getting the dots in the umlaut to stay was difficult.

I can’t post a photo here yet as I hvaven’t cleared it with the band, but you can get an idea of the design here:

Just the circular words and center logo, but 44mm wide.


In Inkscape, I do a bit trace, remove the original, then an object to path instruction. Finally, I “Save As” and specify .svg. I then open it in the program where I am creating my piece. It seems to work for me. Not sure if EASEL will do the same though.

Thanks Don!!

Another issue I am having! I have a file that I made and saved as a dxf. I imported it into Inkscape and did an object to path instruction. I saved it as an svg and I import it into Easel. When I try to use the inlay app the app separates the image into 2 pieces. It is a one piece solid image so I don’t know why it splits the image up??

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!