Trying to locate a set of equidistant points along a circle (16 or more)

I’m trying to locate a set of points along a circle in order to draw rays emanating from a central point. All I can think of is dividing the 360 degrees of a circle by the number of points, but how to use that final number, the quotient, in Easel? (e.g., 360 / 16 = 22.5)

There surely must be a better way in Easel than using a protractor to draw a 22.5 degree angle for first pair of lines, then using a compass to draw arcs on the circumference to find the remaining 14 points. And then importing the drawing.

Thanks for your help!

Make your circle than make a straight line from mid to circle, select both and rotate them by 22.5 deg and repeat this step till you have all your lines.


I’d use the Radial Array app in Easel.