Trying to open UGS but failing

I am trying to download UGS but cannot seem to get it to work. I have very little experience with UGS so maybe it is something little I am missing.

I updated my Java, Downloaded the newest UGS version. When I click to run the JAR file for UGS it opens another folder.( )

Cannot seem to get the program of UGS to actually open up. Is there something I am missing??

From the image you posted it looks like you are trying to use WINRAR to unzip the download file.

To execute UGCS you first have to extract the files from the .zip file into a directory on your machine. Once the files have been extracted then you can double click on the .jar file to run UGCS.

Ahh your correct! I’ll give that a shot today. Do you suggest just using newest version of UGS or is there a specific one that seems to run better?

Many people on the forum are running the newest version and don’t seem to be having issues. I’m running an earlier version which is a stable release. Versions that are older have a problem with very large G-code files which is why many people went to the newest version.

It’s just a matter of preference. If I run into a problem with large G-code files, I’ll upgrade to the newest version.

When I connect to my COM3 port, it says the “Connected to COM3 @ 9300 baud” but if i try to jog the machine or type in any code it gives me a Grbl has not finished booting error.

And when I goto any of the nightly builds I get a HTTP Status 404 - error on even opening the web link, I can post some screen shots if it would help

You need to set the buad rate to 115200

Bingo, its working now, Thank you