Turkey used to draw now it will not

Any Thoughts on how to fix it?
I put the art in Inkscape, Easel would not import it?!?
I use a pen attachment to draw it on the plywood, then the router to cut the whole pumpkin out
It worked 56 times, now it will not draw right.
Help is appreciated.

Martin, any reason it’s set to 2mm when all the rest are 1/32" ?

Your selected bit size (2mm) is too large to fit into the pocket, change it to 1/32" and it’ll work just like all the rest do :+1:

However if you look at the detail preview and check the “show uncut areas” box, it still won’t make toolpaths into the areas smaller than 1/32" Personally I would change your bit size to even smaller, but use a larger stepover…

For instance: If i change the bit size to 0.017" and use a stepover of 100% the time is increased by 1 minute, but the uncarved area is much less . . . just an idea :man_shrugging:

Wow! Thank You so very much!!!

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