Turn Off "Featured Projects"

I am not sure if this is showing up for non-pro users, but it is for me as a Pro user.

Is there a way to turn off the “Feature Projects”. I don’t want it as the first line in my project folder.

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Its a beta test thing you can drop your suggestion in the help section of your easel… I already left this same input in mine… it definitely needs to have a “hide” option somewhere…

also it needs to open the whole published project, some of them are basically useless without the context of the video or steps on the published project

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Ahh… didn’t realize it was a Beta feature (didn’t say Beta on it)

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… I was waiting on an official post to the beta group (since non-staff can’t make a new thread in there) to bring up the inability to turn it off, lol

BTW I verified it’s a beta feature by Opting Out and it disappeared then back in and there it was again… so there is sort of a way to hide it for right now, just opt out of beta I guess :roll_eyes:

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