Turning Off Climb Milling

Is there a way currently to turn off climb milling. i’m having issues with it on nylon 6(I know it’s not in the list of supported materials) where it will not eject the chips causing it to melt back onto to the nylon blocking the path the next time.
It is cutting the nylon beautifully when doing conventional milling though.

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There currently no way to specify conventional or climb cutting in Easel.

Other software like VCarve will allow you to set up the cut however you want.

Like Allen said, other software have that capability. I’ll throw out Fusion360 because I love it, it’s pretty easy to pick up, it’s free, and know it absolutely has this capability.

Thanks Guys Will Give Fusion360 a go. I’m just charging for materials on this job so free is best.

deskproto has a free version and trial verison as well. It has conventional and climb abilities