Turning X-carve into high resolution 3D DLP printer (3D SLA printer)?

Dear fellows,

Is there a way of turning a X-carve into a high resolution 3D DLP printer (3D SLA printer)?
These printers use UV light as activators in photo-active resins. So light is used to cure a resin to become a solid, the nice thing with this process is that where the light does not shine on the resin it stays liquid.

I read an interesting article on Instructables which basically used an extruded aluminium XYZ frame and control mechanism of a plotter or CNC machine.

I am not a technical person, but replacing the CNC drill with a UV laser could possibly do the job?

Regards, Angelo

Y opinion is that there isn’t enough z travel for a small printer. A fdm might work if all prints are under 2ishes or so.