Turtle sign for a customer

What software do you use for your sign? Looks great!

Did you draw the turtle? It’s really nice.

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Aww, turtle looks so lovely.

What site did you use?

What was website for vinyl ? I used to do alittle of that too .

The turtle can be found at:


look under free designs

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how long did it take?

Awesome job… i can’t to get one… i have mine in the cart now for about a week…lol just so much anxiety over putting it together…


And today just happens to be World Turtle Day!!!

Biggest thing about any forum here or pens or scroll or anything people snake a good idea and as long as they don’t parade around saying look I did it only better then I am good with the reproducing it is a bit much to just snatch the graphic and redo it for all to grab… but unfortunately that is how this world is going.

Good looking sign tho!

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Phil, which part of the dog and turtle signs was v carved? I’ve got a few days off in a couple weeks while the wife and kid are away and am going to start playing with f engrave. To me the signs look like they were all done with standard end mills(could still be my lack of understanding on the full capabilities of the v bits.

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