Tutorial of X-Carve

I am a Carpenter by hand for years. Using a CNC for me is a huge transition. I have been pretty much cave manning my way through this learning curve.

i know hope i have enough basic knowledge to get guidance pretty quickly, i hope so at least.

I know there is so much more capabilities with this machine, would love to spend a good amount of time with someone willing to teach.

Cutting and Inlayingis one i am looking forward to do.

Thank you in Advance

Jake Chipman
912 617 2444

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PawPaws Wood shop videos by Phil Lunsford will get you going. Also everyday log onto this forum and read the posts, that alone will give you all the insight you need. Good group here always willing to help.


The best that I can do is to invite you to my Youtube channel. There are many lessons on the XCarve as well as other topics. Youtube.com/c/pawpawsworkshop