Twice off path, same off path

I was running a rather large path ( 2ft*2ft)
First I had it doo it all in a single program, it came out wrong with it clearly deviating from the path at some point
I redid the code into two, and again there were mistakes on X, but the important part is that in both tests, the same off.path was carved. missaligning on the X axis, (the first pass was all right, the second started going bad)

The code was generated with Aspire, using the Easel post processor.

Pic? Sounds like you experienced lost steps, either due to insufficient torque vs cutter forces or moved passed axes extremes (causing lost steps)

but for it to make the same wrong path twice in two different pieces of wood?

For us to have any kind of clue we need to see your project, otherwise we will be unable to see if its design error or other.

In Easel, click Share publicly, copy URL, click Save and post URL here :slight_smile: