Twisted Makerslide

Has anyone experienced a makerslide being twisted?

I just updated the gantry to 1000mm and one of them (Makerslide) has almost a 1/8" kick out at the bottom. I managed to make it straight by using a large vice grip pliers and a 3/16 spacer between it and the straight one, but as soon as you remove tension from the bolts it pops back to being out.

Should I be concerned about this, since I can keep it straight as long as the bolts are tight?

sounds like an issue for it would probably be better to receive a replacement than to have it possibly torque something else out of alignment and cause you more grief down the road.

Hi @JohnI_Kristiansen

I second what @JkWestphal said

Email or give their support line a call. They’re pretty good at fixing issues quickly. It has surprised many how fast they are to respond to issues like these.

I contacted inventables and a new one is already on its way. Like so many before, I must commend Inventables for top notch customer service. Second to none in this day and age.