Two bit setup in Easel

I have been practicing designing small projects in Easel. However, when I try adding a detail bit to the equation it becomes the primary bit. Simply put it over rides the rough out bit and changes my design.

Example; I’m trying to make a simple home square that will be screwed down to the waste board. So I have a 1/8" bit cutting out the piece and the holes, and just to add a personal touch I added the word home to the surface to be cut 1/16" deep with the 60* v bit. When I do it shows the entire piece as being done with the v bit.

I looked at other posts but have not seen what I’m trying to describe. Is this something I’m missing ?

Are you using the PLUS symbol to add your V Bit?

Yes, then selecting the 60* v bit.

I did see another one of your post showing to have a second work space set up. Is this the only way?
I would think that the rough bit would cut out the piece and then carve the finer detail such as lettering.

Ohhh, i understand now i thought you were having the ENTIRE workpiece being done with the V bit, but you are having the Details of the entire design being done with the V bit… it makes more sense after re-reading it… ,

Yes, you’d need to use a multi workpiece setup in order to control which bits go where.

That is exactly what was happening. Like you said, hopefully they can make it where you can do both in the same workspace.

Thank you for your help and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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