Two color carves

I want to paint a surface before carving. What type products are being used to protect this surface while carving. After the carve, I want to paint the carved area a different color.

Oramask is the classic choice for this — for small objects painter’s tape or masking tape may work — just make sure that what you use can be removed from the painted surface w/o damage.

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Barnucles just did a CNC project where he covered the object with blue tape, milled through that, painted and then removed the tape.

You might try something like that where you paint, cover with tape, mill, paint again and then remove the tape. You might set up a test and see how this works for you.

I tried oramask and didn’t have a good result to be honest (could have been my fault though). Still have to test that blue tape Harry mentioned.
Last time I did a carve like that I painted 3 layers of color, then 2-4 layers of shellac above it. Then carving and painted the carve. Problem with that is in my opinion, that you can easily remove the shellac when sanding and in doing so damage your painting…
Next time: blue tape, that should do the trick.