Two Cut Process Issues

I’m not sure if this is an Easel Pro issue or my machine. Before being yelled at, I do all my work in Easel Pro and output a gcode file to my Boxzy. I’m only two paychecks away from getting the 1000mm Xcarve.

Ok, this issue is this, I create a 47.4 x 47.4 x 23mm square, outside cut chosen, within the square is a circle, 43mm x 3mm. I hit run and it cuts the design perfect. I then flip the workpiece over 180degrees on the X axis. I change the depth of the circle to 14.4mm I hit run and this is where the problem occurs. When the job is done the deeper circle is off center by about 3-4 mm on the X axis.

The only thing changing is the depth of the original circle pocket and flipping the work piece 180 degrees on the X axis.

The circle in the middle of the box is centered to material.

I hope someone can help me with this, I’m stumped to say the least.

Thank you,

Cutting from front to back is difficult, you need to be exact X,Y in the center of your project board. When you flip it are you using a right angle to put the bottom and side up against on your waste board?

Yes, that is what has me confused and frustrated. I have a right angle and a guide in place on the Y axis.

You have to be dead center on your piece if you are off a fraction of an inch it compounds it to double when you flip it over. If your board is 9x9 square or whatever size it is make sure it measures perfect as well

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