Two issues i cant figure out....PLEASE HELP

Yes everything is stock, just purchased a couple weeks ago first time I’ve been able to use it. The easel project is simply the one easel provides when it asks you to do a test carve after set up.

Test 1:

  • This test piece should carve a 2x2" slot using a 1/8" bit, the left corner should be 1" up and to the right compared to the starting point. (Omit probing)
    Is that what happen?

Test 2:

  • Click Easel->Carve
  • Under the arrow jog buttons, type 2 (as 2") and click once for X and Y direction
  • Is the travel actually (or very close to) 2"?

I’m at work now, will try this when I get home in a couple hours.

TEST 1: Did not work I placed the cutter in the lower left corner, and when it started, the cutter quickly went across test piece to the right and up approx. 8" and began cutting. The box it was cutting was 6-8" in size.
TEST 2: When I changed the .1 to 2" both the X and Y axis moved 8" not 2"

Ok I was actually able to carve something, however as you can see its very large. The correct size should have been 1.5" tall, and 3" long… not 5" by 11". Also as you can see where I set my home position at, the cutter moved 8" away to the lower portion of the P and began cutting…

@PaulFreeman I’m sorry I’m beating the same question… Are you SURE about the dip switches? X and Y should be
4-OFF (again, for a future issue you may have… Not related to your current one)
Might yours be inverted? X & Y are supposed to be different than Z.


you are an absolute genius… I swear I checked them last night when you asked…I found them to be incorrect tonight (THANK YOU FOR BEING ISSISTANT) I feel so stupid and embarrassed.


So are you up an running? Post a successful carve when you get there!
No reason to be embarrassed… Save that for when you’ve successfully carved a masterpiece, go tell your wife to come take a look and then jog the Z down instead of the Y and break an end mill while destroying your work.


Sounds like you know all about that.:grin:

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Most CNC´s will provide plenty of opportunities for the operator to screw up :rofl:

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I had the same issue when I started. I did not enter the exact thickness of the material to be carved. The spindle did all it was asked to do. It made all the right moves, but not on in the wood’ This probably is not your problem. However, this was my problem.