Two sided milling 2' X 2' Pieces of Plywood

I need to start doing some two sided milling of 2’ x 2’ plywood in VCarve Desktop. It seems being very accurate on your width is very important and a micrometer won’t work. What tips do folks have for two sided milling to cut our parts in larger pieces?


Could you explain what is not working for you?
If you are trying to use a bump stop then yes material width is very important. Also must have model centered in the material.
Dowelling is a good option for locating the flip side.

Check out the Vectric tutorials, I’m pretty sure they have one on 2 sided operations.

When centering for a two sided cut don’t you have to be accurate to, I imagine, .001 inches? How would you get that accurate of a measurement on a larger piece of material if you planned to cut half way through and then the other half?

Did you look at the Vectric tutorial? It’s all outlined in the tutorial.

I think not to long ago easel had a live class called flip milling which was how to set up and carve 2 sides. It was sort of basic but had all the right ways to do it right.

@nogeel If you’re cutting all the through, that operation should be done from the second side (unless the piece is too thick). Got an example of what you’re trying to do?