Two stage carve custom settings?

Hey y’all, I use custom settings for my carves. On the two stage, can you change the settings for both rough and finishing? How would you go about just doing the stages on your own-- i.e. For a fill cut setting a carve to use the 1/4" bit, then just inside cut with a smaller bit on a second carve? Then change to an even smaller bit for final pieces?

Bump on this-- I need to change the DOC for the detail bit.

If you’re using the two stage cut you can change the settings in between doing the rough pass and the final pass. I don’t believe there’s any easy way of doing it with 3 bits in Easel. The only ways I can think of are break into multiple files with the border in one file, letters in another, etc… But that wouldn’t be very efficient. You can try doing the two stage and then setting the detail bit even smaller and redoing the detail carve but I would assume most of it would be cutting nothing as most/all would have already been cut with the middle bit.

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