Two stage carving problem with detail pass

Just attempted my first two stage carve this morning. The roughing pass was excellent. When I started the detail pass and setup to carve easel went into the simulating tool path but did not carve. It simply went back to the main screen with the green carve button at the top. No carving. The wonderful support team is working on this problem. Just wanted to reach out to everyone to see if this has happened to anyone else. The design was done entirely in easel and is only text with two hearts in it. It simulated to take 2:58 minutes to do the detail pass.

Does it say inventable .com not responding? That’s what mine is doing and I haven’t heard a thing from support yet. I emailed them last week.

Yes. It did that on one attempt. I selected wait and it finished processing. It did not carve. One suggestion that the support folks gave me was that it was too detailed. I used the new workpiece tool and split the carve into several sections and did the carve. It worked! There were a couple of small problems. On the simulation showing the tool path in red there was also three tool paths in blue that cut through several places that were to be cut on the next section. The second was the depth of cut was off (shallow) by about .015

Ok, I’ll try the new work piece tool and see how that works. Thank you for your input.

How did you separate the carve? I have a very detailed boot I’m trying to carve.

Email them again. They usually respond quickly. Your mail may have made a wrong turn somewhere.

Same thing happened to me. I finally exported the g-code, then imported it into a new Easel file. This work around helped but it sucks when Easel crashes during a detailed simulation.

This is my first two stage carve. If you look close at the detail pass you can see that it did not go deep enough to be flush with the rough pass. I have doubled checked the depth in easel and I used the probe in the exact same place. Overall, I am pleased with the first attempt