Two stage carving question

How does Easel handle a two stage operation? I could have sworn (about a month ago) that after pushing the carve button, it never prompted you for a choice between a rough cut or a fine detailed cut during set-up. It would just know due to the fact you had two routers selected. After the first rough cut it would go to zero and prompt you for a bit change. Recently, I’ve notice that it stops after the first rough cut and then I have to unplug the USB cord and select fine detail pass and start the z-probe process all over again.

You select two stage carving while in the design window. It’s in the upper right part of the screen.

Did they change the work flow? The last time I did it, I chose which pass, it fully ran and then I redid the Carve button and selected the other.

I’ve selected the two stage option in the design window. After the rough pass the carve button is still green and is unresponsive. I have to unplug the cord and and get the green light come back on and then select detailed cut. Is this normal? This is a pain…

Hi Dh1,

That is not normal. The carve button should not become unresponsive. Would you be able to share the link to your project with us?