Two Stage Cut: Engraving then Cutting

Dear Forum Members

I have a somewhat complicated issue,
I want to mill coins out of aluminium and and I would like to engrave the coin details using a very fine bit, say a V-Bi.
After engraving, I would like to cut out the coins using a beefier bit, unfortunately I don’t seem to know how to configure the two stage cut in such a way that the first cut will be engraving and then the last cut will be cutting out the coins.
for purposes of economy I would like to mill several coins from a sheet of materials, which means that I want to engrave say 10 coins at once then change the bit to cut out the coins from the sheet.

I hope they is a way to achieve the above,

Easel only support 1 and 2 stage carving, if you want to perform a 3rd (or more) within Easel you need to add the 3rd as a separate design. Easel don’t allow you to specify cutting order within a 2 stage carve. The only way to do that is to make 3 separate carvings, sharing work zero and choose which one to run when.

After making the design, you can copy it as seen fit. Either cut&paste or use the Replicator app in Easel

Hi Haldor

i don’t intend to make a three stage cut, but rather a two stage cut with a V-Bit as the stage 1 and a flat bit a stage 2 and final cut.
in other words I want to make the stage one cut with a bit of my choice ( V Bit) and stage 2 cut with a bit of my choice ( Flat 4 flute Bit).
Is this possible?

Easel will not allow you to do what you are trying. It’s two stage cut is intended to rough cut your project with one (larger) bit then finish carve it with a smaller or V-bit. You cannot choose which paths each stage will carve.

The only way to do what you want, is to make two pages in your carve. The first to engrave, the second to cut out.

To achieve this, design your whole carve, don’t worry about bits. Once its design, go to the bottom and add another page. Copy and past your entire project into the second page, that way it in exactly the same position in both pages.

Now go back to the first page, select the outline (cutout path) and delete it. Set the bit to do the engraving.
Next got to the second page. Select your entire project, the deselect the outlines. Delete all the engraving paths. Now set your cut out path.

You will run these as two different cuts. The only thing you have to do, is reset you Z for the new bit in the second cut.

Hope this helps. I would recommend you try the procedure on some thin scrap plywood before you do the aluminum. It will let you work out any questions before trashing a bit or a sheet of aluminum,


I get that. You want to perform three operations using two tools and decide cut sequence.
Easel don’t support that so you need to dissect the carve into individual operations.

Follow Darrins workflow, its good.
(Instead of cut and paste, I suggest you click “Duplicate” at the workpiece from the bottom pull-down meny)

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Thanks Darrin and Haldor
I will work on that and see how it comes out.