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Two stage cuts

@rodovich - would love to have access to the new two-stage carving feature as well.


Thank you, now to figure out how to use it! lol


You now have access.


Would love acess to this feature, would have come in handy a few projects back.

@MattMay—you now have access to the two-stage carving feature.

Can I please have access to this feature?

Thank you!!!

I think I may have encountered an issue with the two stage cutting. My y axis changes direction but only during the detail pass not the roughing pass.

Would like to have access to this feature please.

@LNutter @ColbyHearn: You guys have access!

I’d love access to this feature as well. Many thanks

@Allenkarns: You have access!

May I have access as well? This would be a tremendous help!

May I too have access to this feature. Thank you for your consideration.

Can I get access to this feature?

What is the timeline on getting this to be integrated into Easel? I am new to my X-Carve and still getting it fully set up so would not be a good tester, but would love to use the feature on some of my projects.

I really enjoy the 2 step cut now, and have been using it for a while. However when using small bits the preview cutting time is way off. I have ran into this a number of times.

Can I have access to the 2-stage cuts please? Thanks!

Can I have access to this feature?

Hey everyone!

We’ve released this feature for public beta, so you no longer need to request access!

To turn two stage carving on, just check the box in Machine Tab > Advanced

I’m closing this topic, please continue any discussion you have in the beta testing topic located here:

Thanks to everyone for signing up and testing the feature!