Two stage cuts

i am about to set up my first two stage cut. Why is there only one Cut Settings Tab? Shouldn’t there be a Tab for each size bit? Using a 1/4" bit for the roughing stage should have different variables than with a 1/16" bit, Should it not?

Hey @MichaelGrigg,

Appreciate the feedback, we will definitely put it to use!

You are certainly right, roughing and detail should have different cut settings. Easel doesn’t do a “tool change operation” when you have a roughing/detail bit enabled. This is because in the walkthrough you have to choose which pass you are doing, and Easel will only cut the pass type that you selected. Then, when you are doing the next cut, you need to switch bits and select the correct bit in the walkthrough.

Right now the work around for this is to change the cut settings in between your roughing and detail pass.

Let me know if you have any more issues!

i also see a new area on the carve screen for motors locked and unlocked. Neither of these buttons seem to do anything when i push them. Whats up with this?

please add me to allow two stage cuts. Thanks

Thanks Eric but where do I find it or maybe I need to update something?

@TroyGrela Cut away!

@Kasba Refresh your browser, and you should see “+” sign next to the bit/cut settings:

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Could you please add me too because I need it too much

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Can I still get in on this too? Thanks in advance!

I too would like to be added to the list.

Could you give me access to this feature please? Be VERY useful for what we use it for.

Thank you. Currently doing a two-stage cut. This looks great… J

I also would love to ba added to the list!

Could i please be on the list to test this feature please and thanks this would help out alot

@EricDobroveanu Add me too, please! Thanks!

Are you still running tests on two stage cuts. I would like to do some test cuts on this subject

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I’d also like access to this feature - happy to put it through its paces and provide feedback. Thanks.

I would like to test 2-stage cuts as well. Thanks

@JackRogers, @EvannDalton, @AndersRothman — you all have access now.

@jrauch it looks like your forum account & your Easel account are set up with different email addresses. PM me the address you use to sign in to Easel and I’ll add you to the list. Thanks!