Two stage cuts

@RickCadotte @NicholasGenaw Of course theres room still!

What is the best way to change the bits without the machine moving? Every time we try to change the bits, the X and Y axis move. We tried locking the motors, but that did not seem to work.

Did you set $1=255? Once you do that, you need to load it into machine inspector using the little circle (refresh) button, and then reload Easel. It took a couple tries for me, but now it’s standard for the machine to start up with the motors locked.

Thanks, that fixed it.

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Just leaving some two stage feedback. It’s is a great feature but like others have stated the biggest problem I encounter is using material that my detail bit isn’t big enough to cut through. Also my detail pass seems to run multiple passes over material already removed in the roughing pass. The detail pass also “cleans” up the areas already done by the roughing pass and expands then by 1/16th" even though the roughing bit did a perfect job the first time and there was no need to use a second bit to expand everything such a small increment.

Could I try it out please

Yes sir! Refresh and you’re ready to rock.

May I have acces to this feature as well?

Howdy, would love to have access to this feature if possible…much appreciated!


@AndyPridmore @SamB Done and done.

I would like to have access to this feature please.

Thank You

May I have access to this feature as well? Thanks!!

I wouldn’t mind giving it a try as well.

Please give me early access to Easel’s Roughing/Detail feature. I have been using this feature in V-Carve Desktop

Please give me access to this feature. thank you

I would like to test this feature out as well. Thanks!

Id love to test this feature as well.

One more tester request, thanks!

Can I get access as well?

I’ve just completed my first carve and would also like to try out this option.
Thank you,