Two stage cuts

Would be cool to try this feature out! I´m in the stage of just playing around with the machine and software, and i like the direction Easel is going! Soon starting with my first real project using the X-carve!

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Hi Mikael,

You have access!

i would like to have access please! thanks!

I may be the last person to realize this but, I just figured out that the two stage cut can be a real project saver. I just had a project cutting a vectorized image (using the new app) and when it completed I saw that some of the lines were not cut. I had not seen any red on the 3D image so I just assumed my 1/8 bit would be fine.

It was an easy task to just go back into easel and select two stage cut with the detail using a 1/16 bit. Then I just had Easel run the detail portion of the job and it went back and cut all the lines it missed.

So even if you do not start out planning a two stage cut it is easy to just add a detail cut to clean up anything that might have been missed.


@BadWolf you now have Early Access.

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I would like to have access to try this out please.

Just gave it to you @OskarThorBjornsson please refresh easel and it should be there. If not log out and log back in and it will be for sure.

I would like access to this feature, please!

Access to this and the vectorizing feature would be appreciated!!

@KeithWilliams, @CoryMccormick: you guys have access!

I’d love to try these new features out too. Just got my Fully Loaded X-Carve set up and loving it! :smile:

@TonyLorentzen you’re in! I threw in the app store access for free.

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@Zach_Kaplan What is the app store access?

Great - thanks! :smile:

We are beta testing the new App Store. Click the smiley face.

What smiley face?

It’s at the top of the screen in Easel.

I hate to ask, but can I also get access to this feature? Please.

I would love access to this feature.

I plan on doing a 2 stage piece that will be using a 3/8" core router bit to make a nice cove-edged inset, and then a 1/16" detail bit to cut out holes in the inset part. Essentially what I’m making is a vent return cover.

I could do it with Easel as it is currently, making 2 separate projects, but I’d rather be able to specify which paths get which tool.

@StephenOgle and @mike you guys have access

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