Two stage cutting not lining up

I was working on a project, x-carve did the rough cut fine. Turned the router off, changed the bit to 1/32" for detail and started the program again. Same position, didn’t move anything. Selected use last home but the cut path was completely off to the left. Why? Anyone know what could’ve happened??

Hello. Few questions.

When you did your tool change to the 1/32” bit did you go back through the Z - probe depth and XY zero process?

It could be a different length bit thing - it could be an XY misalignment.

Let us know

How far is “completely”?

Do you have your idle current reduction turned off and $1 set to 255? If not, something probably moved during the tool change.

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I’m new to the X-carve and CNC. I’ve only had mine a week, but I find that if I re-home the Xcarve after changing bits (re-home to the homing switches, that is), re-probe the Z axis, and use the last “home” (and by that I mean the material home, not the CNC home) my 2 bit carves come out fine.