Two stage pic of Mom and Elvis

Using easel and the Import>Image trace. I sometime have to adjust the image I want to import first, adjusting color and saturation and/or convert to black & white. I just play around with it until it works!

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That is really nice! Is that actually carved and filled, or is it done with a Sharpie?

it is carved and then spray painted and sanded.

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How big is the work piece? 2 stage cut? What size bit? Sorry for all of the questions, I am working on the same kind of project but with Russell Wilson carved into a bar top.Thanks

The elvis is 12x 10.5 inches in size. Yes, 2 stage cut. First bit 1/8th and second 1/32.

How long it took you to carve it?

I don’t remember for sure…but like 40 min for 1/8th and 30 minutes for 1/32 bit

ok thanks. not terrible considering the size and the smaller bit.

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