Two step carving

Trying to do two stepping problem is when I have to change bits if the gantry moves a bit throws everything off . Is there a way to fix this

using x-carve and on the rest of your reply you lost me don’t understand how to do that

Are you leaving the machine powered on? I have changed bits many times and as long as the motors are energized it doesn’t move.

while in Easel click on the “machine” tab at the top of the page, then click on “advanced” at the bottom of the drop down, a new dialog will appear and at the bottom of that one will be “Machine Inspector” click on it. another new dialog will appear with your settings.
This is where you will find the $1=255 and other settings.
to change them look half way down on the new dialog box and there will be a console box in which you can type into and then press enter to send them. for instance you could type $30=1 and then hit enter your value for the setting $30 will change to “1”

Make sure that you back up or print your original values in case you mess up and need to revert back to original state.

I thought I saw a “Lock/Unlock Motors” feature when doing two stage carves?

If the controller is on while changing the bit it shouldn’t move but if your turning off the controller it will move and u will loose your zeros

yes I am company told me I had to put limit switchs on didn’t help any ideas

so did I but cannt find it now any idea where they hid it

wont go back to orginal postion another problem company told me limit switchs would fix

Chris I Found them no problem but machine will not let me make any changes

I’m showing $=0

interesting I went into setting and they are all empty no setting at all

looks like they all came back up this thing is driving me nuts

chris have managed to change setting but still have same problems which my gantry moves and so does the router so when I go to change bit if I move it just a bit screws whole project… Have to find out why motor aren’t locking

Had the same issue but this helped me some. i do want to ask if there’s a way to do two step carving without easel online? for example, if your xcarve is located elsewhere and you want to export gcode to take it along so no internet. Is there a way to do this? By exporting 2 gcode files or something?

when you have two step carves when you export the g-code you will have two g-code files, one is listed as “name” and the other “name” of course you will want to run the first and then change bits and run the last.

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