UGCS Error Machine Status

Trying to use UGCS for the first time, as soon as I open and then connect to the X-Carve I get the error below.
If I try to Jog i get in the console “error:Alarm lock”
Searches of this error here, Google or Github was to no avail.

If you have homing enabled (and you do), then grbl comes up in the alarm state until you run the homing cycle.

You can home your machine and it will clear($H).

If you know what you are doing and you are careful you can use $X to clear the alarm, but your machine will not be homed and soft limits will not work.

@LarryM Thanks, I found a few of your post about “Using Grbl to debug your homing switches” and others. Odd that my searches for “UGCS error” “active state” “machine status error” didn’t find them.
Grbl status is showing


I hit the “$H” in UGCS and get a ok. I click on “x+” it moves and i get a ok. Then if i click on anything no action from the X-Carve or OKs on the console.

Check to make sure that you have an up to date installation of Java. Since you are just learning I would install version 1.0.9. It is the latest stable build. The nightly build gives you a program which Is not fully tested and depending on when you pick it up, it may or may not work. Since you are new to this program it will be difficult for you to know when the program is screwing up, or uh, hum maybe the operator. :smiley:

Also, be careful with the inches/millimeters setting. Sometimes UGCS changes it when you are not looking.

Did your machine work correctly when hooked up to Easel?

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Java Is up to date and machine has been working fine with Easel since I got it.

Thanks, it was a bug in the nightly build. I’m a retied/burnt out Sr. Systems Engineer so I like/use to having and testing the newest software, so I gave it a try.

Thanks again @Larrym

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