UGCS Platform Help

Anyone else using UGCS Platform as a g-code sender. I really like the interface and the extra features over the classic version but struggling with a couple things. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Prob Helper - I having problems getting this to work properly (Z Probing). I believe I have all the settings necessary and it does the probe routine. But when it touches the plate and stops the thickness of the plate (20.93mm in my case) is not entered and therefore it uses what ever the last zero was. I can manually enter the code G92 Z 20.93 and it is set but I believe it should do that automatically.

  2. If I have an error and hit the Stop button everything does stop but after that I can not get the Jog Controller to work - it is grayed out. I still seem to have some other functions but no jog control. Have to shut down the app to regain them. Naturally I loose position when I do that and have to home again. The Pause works fine.

Again really appreciate any direction anyone can offer.

I don’t use UGS, but a “stop” in grbl it’s typically a reset which will bring you to an alarm state because the position may be lost during the reset. You’d need to unlock or home the machine.

I tried the $X button and it seems to unlock everything BUT the jog controls.

What version are you using? I think both of these issues have been fixed in the latest nightly build.

In some versions, the menu jog items are still available to use. So if you use the menu item to jog once, it re-enables the Jog controller on the screen.

Are you up to date with your java?

OK, I am officially embarrassed. I had java up to date but my problem was deciphering which Platform download was actually the latest update. I thought I had the correct one but… Going back and reading their download page I am still not sure which is which but now I know process of elimination the “TOP” one the newest nightly build.

Thanks for the suggestions. All is well with the ugcs Platform world now.