Hey All,

Say I send a job to the machine, it’s cutting fine but a little too slow. Is there a way to bump up (or down) the speed during a cut with UGCS?

If so, is it reliable? Or am I better off just letting it finish and going again on a fresh piece.

The current version of UGS does not allow for dynamic feed rate control, so what ever rate you defined for the job is the rate you are stuck with till it is done.

There are other programs (I think Picsender?) that allow dynamic feed rate changes. And I know that Mach3/4 also allows you to modify the feed rate during a job.

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I certainly wish that this was possible. Sometimes, generally while using Carve Pro, I struggle to find a happy medium between something that is reasonably fast, but won’t bog-down and lose steps in the deeper parts of the job.

If you find any workable solution, please post it…

Our PicSender streamer has a Change Feed Rate feature so the user can adjust the feedrate as the gcode is streaming.


looks like a good alternative. Any forum discounts?