Ughhhh brushes

Why do they always go in the middle of a project using expensive material. It never happens when you have some cheap plywood on the project.:rage:


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I got some new ones last week, as a preemptive strike. Seeing this post is prompting me to change them, even if slightly early.

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Never thought of it, I’ll have to pick one up.


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How many hours do you generally get out of a set of brushes?

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do you have a suggestion for an hour meter?

Man, that would be a killer upgrade option to the X-Controller box.

Paper and pencil. Write time of each project with a total hours column

What is this witchcraft you speak of!?

They are the routers brushes, they go every 100-150hrs of use and stops the router from working. Best to keep some on hand

Wow haven’t heard the term PDA since the late 90’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually have a newton put away somewhere. Worst buy ever

To my son: well a PDA is like a smart phone without the phone… and without the cellular or wifi radio really… and a digitizer that doesn’t work with your finger and no camera… so… like your kindle, but less functional… did I mention the software to make it sync to your computer was terrible?

And if I had invested all the money I’d used buying all those PDAs, I’d be able to put you through college…


can your hour clock work with a xcontroller?

What I found was that there is a channel along the brush holder that lets the wire slide through. I realized that the channel ended, holding the wire and brush from making contact when the brush is only about 70 % spent. Using a dremel, I lengthened the channel a little bit more , so that I could use more of the brush. I probably get 10 more projects out of each brush.