Ugly Ugly V-Bits

Just tried my first V-Bit carve on easel pro, and it looks ugly! Wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot. I have an inventables 60deg 1/2in bit (entered as such on easel), all v-wheels, belt pulleys, and belts tight.

Looks more like metal to me. Particle board isn’t usually that shiny :wink:

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Thats aluminium, I would venture to guess your bit isn’t suited for this type of job and/or your feeds&speeds are to aggressive.

Inventables bits (at least mine) have a flat tip.

Your Z zero looks off/wrong.

Maybe even lost steps due to improper settings?

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Yes, of course, but not one that looks like aluminum :wink:

You’re all right! It’s aluminum Masonite board :wink:

I was using the inventables bit, which does seem to have a little bit of a flat tip. I have the older x-carve with arduino shield - no z-Axis zero probe. So I was just doing the eyeball and paper method like wood and end mill bits. Ian it possible to zero one of these bits for use v-carving? Seems a bit odd to sell a v-bit that can’t zero?

Feeds and speeds were defaults from easel pro. The tutorials all have the “inventables shop” v-bit used as the thumb when selecting your bit. Now in easel pro it shows a different bit. I wonder if their bit not working is the reason they changed the photo?

Thanks for the help everyone!