UGS and Triquetra 3 axis zeroing

Hi Guys,

Strange behavior when trying:

PC - win7 64
UGS -Nightly 2.0 23 April 2017
Java - JRE-8U131 windows x64

Did setup the probe dimensions in mm, got the G-code, homed UGS - all ok. Moved the 3 axis to probing starting point, hooked the clips (I have 4.9 Volts between them) and when fetching the g-code even before sending it - I get an error message:

When trying to get on with it - I get some weird Gibberish symbols:

Loaded another G-code from another source - no issues !

The Gcode generated by Triquetra is:

G92 X0
G92 Y0
G92 Z0
G38.2 X-12.7F50
G92 X51.5875
G91 G0 X12.7
G91 G0 Y25.4
G91 G0 X-25.4
G38.2 Y-25.4 F50
G92 Y51.7875
G91 G0 Y3.175
G91 G0 Z‪25.9‬
G91 G0 Y-‪15.875‬
G38.2 Z-25.4 F‪76.2‬
G91 G0 Z‪1.27‬
G38.2 Z-‪5.08‬ F25.4
G92 Z2.5000
G91 G0 Z3.175
G91 G0 x25.4
G91 G0 Y25.4

To me it seams either the Gcode is missing something, or my UGS has a parameter which creates that, or perhaps the Jave ???

Anybody had this problem ?

Many thanks


@IsaacNeuman you seem to have some invisible/extended characters in your program. Copy/pasting the program above into a new plain text file should resolve the error.

Don’t worry, you’re not the first to run across this:

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Thanks Will. Very much aporeciated.