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UGS - Constant ALERTS Setting Up Limit Switches

Hey guys… VERY new to CNC, used my 3018-Pro maybe twice and not so great results. Spoilboard needs levelled.

I bought some switches and made some brackets and such with a 3D Printer for them, and placed them such that they trigger within a very safe distance, maybe 10mm from the end of travel for all axis.

Had some issues… initially using the wizard one was always red and switches didn’t match the axis… board has X Y Z printed on it, but apparently wrong? I hate plugging stuff in while a board is powered up but, powered up, went into the wizard and started plugging stuff in and test one-by-one and looks like it should be Z Y X on the board, plus the Z+ switch needed to be flipped around (red/black wire instead of green/black like the rest). So, already an utter pain.

I have it now with the first 2 pairs of pins empty, then Z+ / Z- / Y+ / Y- / X+ / X-

All squares green, press each limit and turns red… all good.

Then I try homing… seems to go the correct direction (if I have my directions right) if I have everything set to “-” then the spindle goes left and the spoilboard moves back (Y set to reversed) and set to “+” the other direction. The Z axis (spindle up/down) seems to move a bit, make some noise and alert comes up.

Thought maybe the Z was messed up, but finally went through the wizard and disabled the switches completely and tested all the directions/axis and seems fine. Slow… I moved in 10mm increments and takes forever to get there, is there a way to speed that up? I clicked 100mm at first and that took forever. I used Candle before this but was told UGS was better and had limit switch setup which is why the switch.

So… anyways… enabled, all boxes green, manually tested all switches and says they all work, wiring on Z+ looks fine but had to plug in with red/black unlike the other 5. Homing works for XY but Z just grunts and quits, not even close to the limit switches. Disabled, the machine seems to work fine.

So… setup issue? Special trick I need to know? Get better limit switches?

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