UGS error: Can’t find the name of Intel ICD OpenGL driver

Has anyone found out what to bo about this in UGS. I have followed several links tha always seem to lead to a dead end. Ussualy related to some other software that I am not using. A couple of links took me to Intel and didn’t seem to have anything to do with this error.

Not sure where to go from hear. I just need to get gcode to ether the tinyG or the GRBL controller in an environment that is not internet friendly.

I’ve been using CNCJS for a while. Works for me and is not internet dependant. And, if you have a Triquetra block there is a place to store the macros. There are other alternative methods for sending gcode to the controller but this is what I prefer.


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Thanks Michael. I will check this out. I followed the link and the screen looks very much like jsCut and/or Chillipeppr (not that it matters if it can run locally). I use Mach4 for my first CNC but I wanted to try something different on the little PCB/engraving machine I just finished. If this will run on the raspberry pi, that’s perfect. I run my 3D printers on headless PI. And was hoping to do that with this new machine.

Thank again.

This will run on a Raspberry Pi. There is a link on the page I forwarded you to. I also run one of my 3D printers on a rasp pi. Lightweight and functional.

Good luck with your project.

I would also recommend you check Bcnc. has more options than CNCjs (like height mapping or auto level) but you should be able to UGS on the raspberry pi without the Intel ICD error.

I have run UGS and ugs-platform on both the Raspberry pi 2 and the Raspberry pi 3 without issue.

are you getting this ICD error on the Raspberry Pi are is it on an old system with the Intel video chip onboard?

P.S. it has been awhile since I have used CNCjs due to it being run in a browser (file size limitation on the browser based program) so some might have changed in the last year.

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