UGS error "Multiple points" and "for input string "-""

I do not know why I have to reset UGS when I run a file then try to load up my other file for running it throws these two types of errors and I can’t find anything on google that suggests what I am doing wrong.
Any clues?

Found the problem.
In the g-code it has a space between the - and the number.
example: G91 G0 Y- 15.875
There should be no spaces there.
this is the correct code: G91 G0 Y-15.875

I calculated this using Charley’s spreadsheet.
I then copied and pasted it into a text file.
For some reason it has a space but if you look for it and remove it then it works without this error.

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Is this one of those cases “You get what you paid for”?
It seems there is a lot of problems lately with UGS’ builds but it is free.
Not sure if free is worth the headache.

The problem was not UGS
It was the gcode.

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I still need more work for this machine to work right.
I have those TB660 modules hooked up to the Arduino like you have in your diagrams.
I just need to get it rewired with some shielded wires and make a proto board so everything is tight and solid connections.
I need a better controller. I want to move away from the arduino and get something that is common and not too difficult to use.

Where do you get the noise filter?