UGS gcode file size limits?

Is there a file size limit to UGC? I generated my gcode from Vcarve Pro, 11mg file. CNC worked fine then went wonky moving supper slow, freezing, I rebooted my PC tried again and had the same issue at a different point of the file. Third time, within 2 min it froze. I had a crazy idea that perhaps the file is too big. So I cut the file by putting different cuts into 2 files, 5mg and 6mg. They both run great,

Which leads me to my question: Is there a file limit for UGS? Memory issue on my PC?
Appreciate any insight.

What are you using beside UGCS?

I’m using UGCS 1.0.9

The nightly build has better memory management from what I’ve read and experienced.

Thank you Justin and Robert. I’d rather make a bigger files and let the sucker run.

Phil, What do you mean ‘Soft limits’. It froze up on me again last night during one of the files that worked two times yesterday.