UGS HELP for errors when converting files for cnc

My Laser is working fine now apart from the misrepresentation of power by the seller but the program is working fine. I have since replaced the laser with a cnc router and can engrave with it using an online text to cnc where the g-code is generated directly on their website. That’s all ok unless you want to engrave an image. They will do it for a cost but it can also be done using Inkscape and creating the g code for UGS. That’s where the problem comes in. Following the guidelines explicitly and converting a “bmp” file to a “svg” file and trying to open that file in UGS I get the error “Problem opening file: Multiple S-codes on one line” I have researched as much as I can but it seems other people also have the same problem and no solution. It is so frustrating. I hope someone can help me.
Cheers Rick

UGS needs to open a text file. probably Easel can do this too. I don’t use Easel, I use Cambam and Meshcam.

Did you convert the SVG to that kind of file.? Also, some g codes are not compatible with Grbl. I’d check to see if you have offending codes in there. They are usually at the beginning of the program from what I have experienced.

No luck with UGS but have found “Carbide Create”. I’m not completely familiar with it yet but it does look promising for me as a beginner. Thank you for input

Carbide Create is an improving tool for beginners, but I have to ask. Since you’re on the Inventables forum, have you used Easel?

Ok I have bypassed Carbide Create and have stuck with Inkscape to create the G code. That works up until I use UGS to complete the task. I cannot change the depth of cut, it remains at approx 0.5mm. I have tried changing it when I set the Orientation Points as well as changing it with Text tool but it will not change the depth when I activate the CNC. It shows the right depth on the image. Could it be in the controller? When I look at the G Code it shows the “Z” command as “Z-1” even if I set the depth at 5mm. I’m at a loss. I had no trouble with the Laser using only “X” & “Y” but converting to a router needs the “Z” axis. Would appreciate any help.

How are you generating gcode from Inkscape?
Can you share your gcode?
Have you tried easel? Or Carbide create?
Can you jog your Z axis?

I generate the G Code with Inkscape Plug In “G Code Tools” from a ‘bmp’ file I have followed a number of tutorials and it appears to be successful except for the depth. I can reproduce the image onto the wood but only to 0.5mm depth. I’m not sure with UGS how to share the G Code but will work on that. I have looked at easel and Carbide Create but would prefer to stay with Inkscape is I can.Yes I can jog the Z axis and I can also see that it is working during the engraving process.Thank you for your interest Neil

The Z depth would be set in those gcode tools. Unless it’s specifically for a laser.

copy and paste your gcode into MS notepad or wordpad. Then go up to Edit/ Replace. You can type in the number you want to find and the number you want to replace it with. I do this all the time.

I would not recommend this unless you really understand what you’re doing. Most machines that people in this forum use are not meant to plunge and cut slots at 5mm deep in most materials.
@RickNinness I suspect you’re missing something in the setup of your toolpath. What endmill are you using? What “g-code tool” are you using?

I agree about plunging 5 mm, but changing .5 mm to 1mm certainly is in the realm of possibility… I’m a proponent of learning what the gcode does and the only way to do that is by cutting air and seeing what it does. UGS is a great platform for that by loading a file that you write or using the command line to send a line. You make it move in small increments and avoid a crash. Articles like in this link will be helpful in that regard. One has to be aware that not all the codes are supported by GRBl.

Absolutely. I’d recommend to all beginners to not use easel as a sender. I use CNCjs (mostly).
That said, if you’re setting your job up right, and using your CAM software correctly, you shouldn’t need to hand edit the code (aside from power outages and the like).

Again thank you for your support. I believe I have isolated the problem within the grbl configuration for the Z axis $102 travel resolution which needed to be set higher than X and Y axis. My research has also helped me to be able to take a screenshot of UGS G Code pane. With Windows 10 it is now the “Windows” key pressed at the same time as “prt sc” to create a picture folder. Simple! But I guess you were already aware of that one.One other thing I have learnt when engraving wood that is to be filled with a coloured wood filler is to seal the timber BEFORE you engrave it so the filler does not take on the grain outside the engraving.Cheers Rick