UGS help please

How do I get UGS to connect to the xcontoller/xcarve with USB? It gives me a no serial ports found error. Does this mean it will not work with a usb port?

Upper left hand corner of the ugs screen, make sure you are on the correct com port and max baud rate.

It was the baud rate, thanks

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For some reason mine likes to reset itself on occasion to 9600 and NO com port.

Dumps all my macros too.

those are for setting zero “z” but I now have @CharleyThomas’s touch plate and will have a different manner of doing this once I can find the time.

You can take the contents of Charley’s G-Code file and put it into a macro for UGS, just separate the lines with a “;”. Set one up for a 1/8" bit another for a 1/4" bit…etc…

I’ll probably have a diferent file with gcode specific to each bit on my desktop and copy/paste it into the command line when I need it. If i understand it correctly…

I just set them up as a macro, so I can hit a button within UGS based on the different bits…the nightly builds allow you to name the macros now. So I don’t have to load a file to zero…just hit a button.

I didled a bit recently with a the latest nightly of UGS recently and had myself going around in circles. I needed the machine up and running pronto for an extended production run that i am STILL working on so went back to what was working.

When things get back to a dull roar I’ll revisit this.