UGS just stops in the middle of cutting

5 times now, i have been cutting and everything stops except the spindle.

UGS goes to idle and it never picks back up.
The spindle always keeps running.
I had multiple tool paths on one file, it froze
I only loaded one toolpath and it froze.

I think its UGS but i’m not sure, anyone else have this issue?

Gotta ask the dumb question: is your computer falling asleep?

at times it has went to a black screen.
This would do it?

If it’s just a screen saver you’re ok, but if it’s going to sleep/hibernation or logging you off that will interrupt the carve.

I know for a fact that is the case with Easel. I assume it’s the same for UGS. Can’t send code if the computer falls asleep!

I use an app called Caffeine to keep my computer awake. Here’s a Windows version, and here’s the Mac version.

It doesnt log me off but it may hibernate. I’m going to change those setting in my computer and try again.

Got it!
Ill give that a try, Ill report back soon!

also don’t let the usb ports go idle.

That was it!
Thanks…see, that dumb question works when pointed to a dumb (new) user!
Thanks again!

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Haha glad it worked out! I’ve had that happen just a handful of times, and what a nightmare. You lose your home position and basically have to scrap the carve altogether…