UGS Nightly - Visualizer?

I just tried the last few, nightly builds, and the visualizer is gone for me. Anyone else seeing this?

I do like the updated layout!

Did some testing. 586 is the newest build that works for me.

Dumb question: I’m still using UGS from about 18 months ago - it works so I’m leaving it alone.

What are the major benefits of upgrading to the latest build? Are they all cosmetic or are there useable features that’ll make a difference to what I do?

I use V Carve and so really only use UGS to send code from an old Mac mini to my machine.

The only UGS limitation (for my existing version) that I’ve ever really found was when trying to send a file with several hundred thousand lines. Apart from that, everything seems Ok.

The latest nightly builds are much better with large files. I’ve had no issues with g-code files over a million lines with the latest nightly builds. I am using a version from about 2 weeks ago. The macro usage is great as well. I have macros set up to zero my z axis using my plate as well as zeroing all three axis with different size bits.

The main benefit was added last Fall, I think: Spooling the toolpath to the computer hard drive to eliminate an issue with toolpath file size. There have been other changes but a lot appear to be cosmetic.

Thanks guys, appreciated.