UGS No Serial Port found & no power LED but X-Controller is on

Last weekend ran into problem with Y homing switch where it was not working and in homing sequence Y would just keep on trying to go despite hitting the Y homing switch. Ended up by resolving by unwiring, checking continuity and re-tightening all wiring.

It was too late to carve but too early to quit so I spent some time tightening up my Z axis. Unfortunately I did not test everything again but since all I did was set tighten some screws what’s the worst that could happen?

Today I finally got a chance to go back out to X-Carve. Turned it on hit $H (using UGS) and Z homing switch didn’t work. I realized that I had switched the wires at the switch and corrected those after referring to X-Carve instructions.

Turn X-Controller back on, open UGS an get “no serial ports found” . . I checked USB cable, same as it was 30 seconds ago. Unplug USB cable at both ends, reboot the computer, restart UGS and again “no serial ports found”.
Baud Rate = 115200
Ports Drop down shows nothing.

I noticed on X-Controller the little green power LED is not lit despite power being on. AHA I think. Loose USB cable inside. Remove USB cable, check pins . Everything looks good so I plug USB cable back into stepper board and front panel. Made sure to mash in until side clips engage.

Turn X-Controller back on, and it is running but no green LED and still no serial ports in UGS.

The ONLY thing that changed before this serial port foolishness was I reconnected the Z-axis homing switch and restarted the X-Controller. That does not compute!

Can somebody suggest a direction to troubleshoot or point out the obvious thing I suspect I am probably overlooking…

Oh sigh, Thanks Bob.

EStop was unpressed, some moron had unwired the leads to slide the cover off to mess with USB. Having a defeated feeling that nothing was going to go right. Said moron figured, why waste time wiring the E-Stop back up, you… I mean said moron is just going to have to open the controller back up again.

I pushed said moron out of the way and after getting the E-stop wired back up BAM I am homing and jogging all over the last place.

Kids don’t do as I do… I mean as said moron does.

Thanks Bob!:grinning:

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That Moron lives at my place. I’m surprised that Moron had time to go anywhere, even for a short visit :smile:

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You know? I think I have that same moron visit my place every so often. My wife even says he can be a butthead!