UGS not following GCode created in Easel

I recently moved and now am set up in a workshop where there is no internet. I will be purchasing a WiFi extender soon; however, I need to complete a project now.

I have created my design in Easel like I always do and generated the Gcode and saved it to a flash drive. I uploaded the file to Universal GCode Sender and sent it to my Millright Carve King. It starts to carve then appears it has a mind of it’s own. I tried this several times and with different designs but it seems that it “changes” the design at different places each attempt.

Any idea before I purchase a stand alone design software with CNC controls?

there are a number of things that could possibly cause erratic behavior of the cnc … like possibly a grounding issue, or a EMI noise issue within the new location. You could try moving the cnc to a different location within the shop (and power outlet, hopefully even a different breaker) and run test carve in air before ruining the actual workpiece. (if you have an electric space heater, those produce loads of EMI noise)
Also, using a shielded, high quality, and short length USB cable would reduce the accumulation of the EMI if that is the issue, so if you have a shorter USB cable, give that a try)

Other things that could also effect the carve appearing to act erratically, is the maintenace of the cnc… like loose set screws on the stepper to lead screw couplers, or improperly set V wheel tension, other calibration/maintenance related issues, or possibly loose wires on any one of the steppers as a result of the move.

I will try a shorter USB cable and see if that works. When I moved, I disassembled the CNC and re-assembled it. I made sure every screw and bolt was tightened, so I don’t think that is the issue. I will also try to carve without my shop vac attached in the event the vacuum hose created too much static.

I like the Easel program but I wish they offered offline capabilities.

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