UGS not working

I loaded Java 8, downloaded USG 2.0 and I cannot get the USG to work. First of all it will not load the platform64. Says it cant find Java 1.7 or higher. What am I not doing???

I had the same problem because I had the 32 bit version of Java. Download the 64 bit version and it should load.

Update, I have UGS loaded but now when I try and load a I get an error while starting file stream: Grbl has not finished booting. Am I missing something?

I have another question… can PicSender be used off line or do I need an internet connection to send gcode?

you need to be on the right communication port and Baud rate set at the correct speed at 115200

PicSender is stand alone. No internet connection needed.

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Thanks Larry, the reason I was asking is that when I pause the program (on a very large carve) and return the next day and push start I receive an error that something went wrong and I have to restart my carve. Any ideas to what might be causing this?

Thanks Kenneth. I will give that a try.

Please contact Jeff. Include error message.

Thanks John,
I will contact Jeff and attach the error message when it happens again.

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