UGS Phased projects?

I am having an issue with my CNC machine, it may be potentially heat related. After about 20 minutes of using the machine in my (very hot) garage, it appears that the Z axis will either plunge deeper than desired, not retract before moving to the next position, etc. Basically ruining any piece I am working on , then I start over, repeat over and over. Needless to say , I am unable to finish any project due to this . So my question is… Is there a way in UGS to basically pause and SAVE where I am in the carve? this way I could start the project back a couple of hours later or even the next day when I know everything is cooled (from what I think is a heat issue). I know there is the pause option but I need a little more than a pause.

I am also using F-Engrave , im not sure if there is a way to save a project as multiple phases within F-Engrave either, if UGS cant.

Thanks !

Have you tried setting up a fan to blow on the X-Controller? My X-Carve is out in the garage and I’ve got 3 smaller fans out there to move the air around, haven’t had any heat related issues yet.

Hi Don,
well that’s the thing, I am not using the XCarve. I have a BobsCNC E3. but I do have a small fan attached blowing on the controller board, along with a large fan pulling air away from the controller and another large fan blowing air towards the controller.

I am new to CNC carving , i am not 100% certain my issue is caused by heat . But that’s the only thing i can think of since it never happens at the beginning of a carve only after about 15 minutes of non stop use . and it is in random places every time where it plunges too deep into the wood.

Ideas ?


UGS has a pause option but, if it is running GRBL, look for a feedhold option. There’s a special character you can send it to have it do a real pause.

Thanks Justin,
UGS is running grbl.
will this feedhold let me save my place , close down UGS, then lets say open UGS up the next day and resume ?

Thanks guys ! Do you think I could be right about heat ? I am also going to put some dry lube on the z axis threads hoping it is not missing steps. I also ordered some heat sinks to put on the top of my stepper motors. At this point I am trying anything as my machine is basically a paper weight at this point.

Thanks Phil! I am really hoping that the heatsinks will help just a little. I live in Alabama where my garage is a nice 100 degrees.

The UGS pause button uses the grbl feed hold feature.

You can configure grbl to disable steppers after a delay with the $1 option, this may let you pause the machine and turn off your spindle then start things up again the next day. If your motors are still powered then your controller might stay warm. You’ll need to be very careful not to jostle the machine while starting things back up. Also if you’re using microstepping with your controller the machine might move a little when the motors turn off/on.

@PhilJohnson Someone with a shopbot might say the same thing about an x-carve. :wink:

@ScottPledger you should reach out to Bob, he has a good reputation for helping out his customers. My homebrew grbl electronics would miss steps constantly until I added heatsinks and a couple 80mm computer fans.

Thanks Will. I have been in communication with bob. He is very helpful and offered several suggestions. I am sure we will get it straight. I am hoping the heatsinks work. It is good to know you ran into the same thing and resolved with sinks and fans. Fingers crossed.

Will, did u put heatsinks on ur stepper motors ?

No I never needed heatsinks or active cooling on my stepper motors.