UGS Platform on Raspberry Pi

Hello carvers,

I have installed UGCS on a raspberry pi 3 and plugged a 7" touch screen on it. Plugged the xcontroller to the pi and lauched UGS Platform. So fa so good, UGS sees the xcarve. It is connected on /dev/ttyUSB1 @115200 baud and returns “OK”. I even have all my machine setup showing after I input $$

When I try to make any commands, even only joggin, I got an error saying command cannot be used unless GRBL is IDLE. Streaming has been paused.

Anyone run into this problem and can point me to a solution?

Thank you.

What’s the reported state in the DRO?

Is homing enabled? Have you run a homing cycle?

Which version of grbl are you running?

Since you have them, post the parameters here.

I run Grbl 1.1
I just lauched the homing cycle and everything is fine. I guess I just had to do this first before it unlocks everything. Thank you @LarryM and @JustinBusby

From there, do I just throw in my gcode and carve or do I need to setup anything, or tune anything?

After the homing sequence your hardware and grbl are in sync, but grbl doesn’t know where your work zero is. You need to establish the work zero location before you send the G-code file.

Actually it did. I was using triquetra zeroing device on easel. I guess it saved the zero work in a permanent location.

Is it normal UGS takes such a long time to launch each time?

Don’t really know. I use version 1.0.9 it comes up pretty fast.

not had a problem with UGS Speed. Are you using classic or the platform version

Platform on the Pi can take a little bit to load. I used to run a Pi3 and platform and there was a small load time. There’s still a load time on my Win10 box but not as bad.

I blame Java JRE on the Pi. It uses only a single core of the quad core of the Pi 3 so the performance, for me, wasn’t there. So I upgraded to a mini PC running Windows. Nothing against UGS, just Java on the Pi.