UGS Platform Probing Retraction Problem

Have a problem and searching here or Google hasn’t helped.

I am using the newest build of UGS Platform. When I probe the bit then retracts 50mm which usually causes it to top out on the Z travel. In settings in the “probe module” I have the Retract Amount set to 10 but it goes 50mm. If I change it to 11 it retracts to 51mm. Change to 12 it goes to 52mm. Everything else seems to be fine.

Am I doing something wrong? Appreciate any suggestions.

BTW - I had the 11/1/17 build and it would retract 30mm when set to 10. I updated today and now it is going 50mm.

Ok what’s grbl $102 ? Should be like 188.###.
Check dip switches in x controller.

The UGS update early last week must have introduced a bug. I started seeing the same problem with a much larger retract that i used in the settings tab. I found that the Retract Amount in setting tab is being added to the Probe Distance/Direction under the Z tab to give you the actual Retract Amount.

I was getting an actual retract amount of 45 because I was using 25 Probe Distance and Retract Amount of 20. I started making my settings much smaller to deal the retract being too large for comfort. I will have to open a bug case for this problem.

I can’t confirm this on my machine until tomorrow but I believe you are totally correct. I increased the probe distance to 40 but did not think about it effecting the retract amount. Obviously, 40+10= 50 which is what I am getting.

Until it is fixed I will follow your work around and reduce the probe distance.


BTW - Great Catch!