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UGS Problems (Z drop when spindle spins)

Hi I hope somebody can help I have been using UGS for a while and it has worked fine, but now my Z axis is not holding it drops if I start the spindle motor if no carve is loaded so I don’t know if this is normal, I have a 50/30 machine and a 500w spindle motor but more worryingly if I load a carve and start it the spindle motor is dropping as it travels to the start point and hits the surface before it gets there, also when it returns to the home point it drops and hits the work piece. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Is your GRBL parameter $1=255?
Do you have any idle reduction setting enabled on your stepper driver?
Do you run the spindle power cables close/parallell with your Z-stepper?

It is not an UGS-related issue.

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buenos dias,tuve el mismo problema,las vibraciones del husillo me hacian bajar el eje Z y lo solucione con un motor pap con mas torque.un saludo