UGS question about unit display

Not that i have ever found…

@PhilJohnson, @JkWestphal

It’s a grbl function. $13=1


Sweet! I am not very weel versed in the grbl functions yet, and may never be really fluent in thembut this is one step closer!

@PhilJohnson, are you sayin that the stepping could be off by having the display in a different unit of measurement? But then as I type this I realize that 1 inch is 25.4xxx mm and things could be a little off.

Or perhaps I am the one who is a little off, it wouldn’t be the first time.:yum:

I think if one were to make the steps per unit calibration while the machine is displaying metric units and switch to imperial after that is done you should not have an issue.

Personally, I tend to think in imperial (and corresponding decimal) units so having the display in imperial would make sense for me.

But this all harkens back to another recent thread on what system is better.

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Shouldn’t be too bad. Just calculate the percentage change when you test in inches and then make the same percentage change in the mm setting.

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This is one of the reasons I switched over to mm.
Originally it was for my 3D printer which functions in mm, nozzle size, steps, print area, etc.
And I was tired of having to convert constantly, especially when dealing with layer height.

Same with the XC, as some of the config settings are in mm