UGS questions/issues

I have a couple of questions/issues about UGS.

#1 Is there a way to make the return to 0 movement order XY and then Z. Right now it is moving Z to the top of the part and then XY which scratches my wood.

#2 Can you zero out the machine position while at the homing switches?

#3 While routing there is no problem. When I jog any axis, within 10 button pushes, it looses the machine connection. Soft reset sometimes fixes it, but then the work position remains frozen and does not update.

#4 The visualizer yellow tool position does not match when jogging in inch.

#5 Does anyone have an issue with accidentally clicking on “Reset to zero” instead of “Return to zero”? It is ridiculously easy to zero the machine out of position. There needs to be a shift+click selection or something.

I had some of the same issues when I was running ugs. As well as some reliability/stability issues.

I spent the money for pic sender and dont regret it a bit. Not as perfect as “I” would like but a real improvement for me over ugs.

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Is V2 stable?

I think I should try it.

From the UGS download page do you pick the “Classic GUI” or the “UGS Platform”?

I have downloaded the 2.0 UGS Platform, but how do I run the program?

The previous version was more straight forward.

Connect then the play button on the top.
After I upgraded firmware to 1.1 it was a little buggy. Now I use platform and it works perfect. Set g28 and g30 it will save alot of headaches.

Connecting to the machine does not start the program.

The previous version had a .jar file that started the program.

I have a Mac. Does that make a difference? I have Parallels for Windows if I need it.

from the website

How to run
1.Download and install the version of Java listed on the download page, or a later version.
2.Download and extract the UGS Platform build from the downloads page.
3.In the locate bin in the ugsplatform directory.
4.On Windows run ugsplatform.exe or ugsplatform64.exe, on Linux or Mac OSX run ugsplatform.

Thank you! I got it working.

I started a new topic with a couple of questions regarding version 2.